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You can earn 80 CPM - the highest rate in the market.
Now offering the best benefits in the industry and employee ownership!


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Day by day we work hard to make life of our drivers better.
We never hire by random - all our employees meet certain qualifications and requirements. There won’t be any complete strangers around, only privileged members of our Family.
HMD - the milestone you have finally reached. It`s ALL you need.

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What’s in it for YOU?

Keep an eye on the road. The rest is taken care of.


  • Main
  • - Can earn 80 СPM
  • - $3000 Welcome bonus
  • - 2500 miles/week average
  • - Industry leading mileage rates and consistent loads
  • Your Company
  • - Open door policy
  • - Truck drivers are family members - not staff
  • - Safety - is number one priority
  • Your Well-Being
  • - Paid weekly
  • - Most weekends home
  • - Health (including dental) benefits
  • Your Gear
  • - 2-piece tarp system
  • - All trucks equipped with APU
  • - Double bunk sleepers
  • - Liberal rider and pet policy

New to flatbed?

You have a class A CDL License and more than 12 months of driving experience?

We have something you may appreciate!

HMD offers you its Training Compensation Package: Our TRAINEES are paid $500 a week for a period of 30 calendar days. You can make up to 70 CPM after the training period is over.

Apply for the Compensation Package - and we’ll help you to get up to speed!


About Us

Yes, we are NEW… because NEW is what you need in a rapidly changing industry. Technology embracing and qualified drivers are the ultimate solution to an age-old industry - and we are here to deliver it. We can back up our words, for we are also OLD. Being a part of HMD LLC, we have over 20 years of trucking experience - so we know what good trucking traditions are worth of.
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Meet our team

Photo of Leona Reyna
Leona Reyna Senior Project Manager

Leona has spent over 10 years in business development and promoting/selling financial products and services for multiple lending companies. She is unrivaled when assessing operational needs and devising new strategies to improve productivity and bottom-line profits.

Photo of Alik Pliner
Alik Pliner CPA

A University of Illinois graduate with more than 20 years of professional experience in corporate/public accounting, financial consulting, he has been providing consulting services to individuals and small businesses for years. Add to this his vast experience in accounting supervision in financial and transportation industries.

Photo of Bob Best
Bob Best Logistic Planner

Having his career started at 1978, Bob is a trucking industry veteran with more than a 40 years under his belt - 20 of which he had with HMD. He has over thirty years of flatbed experience in various sales and operating management positions. Bob held positions as Terminal Manager and Assistant to the President with large flatbed carrier, owned by major steel company.

Photo of Scott Kretchmer
Scott Kretchmer Terminal Manager

Scott came a long way from driver, to supervisor, dispatcher - and, finally, the Terminal manager. He has dedicated more than 25 years of his life to this business - and admits, that he loves the challenge that transportation delivers every day.

Photo of Sherri Best
Sherri Best Logistic Planner

A 38 industry veteran holding positions in billing, dispatch, planning, safety and management. She helped to coordinate the transportation with Military forces during the Desert Storm and Hurricane Andrew. Over 30 years of flatbed experience - and 20 years with HMD. Married to Bob Best.

Photo of Anton Golvid
Anton Golvid CTO

Possesses a 15 years experience in IT, macro team management and AI projects, he is extremely skilled in data analysis. Despite of the fact he is new to trucking - Anton is an old pro when it comes to Big Data, which modern trucking is greatly about.